CL Real Estate is a real estate development and investment firm bringing an unparalleled range of entrepreneurial experience in real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, and agricultural businesses.

As part of CLE’s overall vision, our mission is to ‘find the big in the small’ – in other words to focus on transformative development opportunities that not only deliver financial returns but which can also act as catalysts for the regeneration of small-town communities throughout the Mid-West.

To that end our goal is to develop, own and operate the most forward-thinking, sustainable, and architecturally excellent developments in our markets: big ideas executed with ambition and flair.

We do this by combining proven real estate approaches with greater innovation and risk-taking on design, demographics, and lifestyle trends.

At CL Real Estate we make conservative investment decisions, having the personal “buy-in” of our Principals for each and every property.

We pursue immediate upside and long-term value as we assess development opportunities.  We identify properties that can be immediately improved, and we move fast to capitalize on our own catalytic projects by securing nearby properties for additional development, making the opportunities exponentially greater.

If you’re interested in learning more please contact Nathan Watson at Nathan.Watson@cl-enterprises.com.

CL Real Estate. Finding the Big In The Small.